Petra Boušková | About me

A presentation hurricane
A personal Diagnostic Agent
A woman spreading a workshop revolution worldwide!

A presentation hurricane.
A personal Diagnostic Agent.
A woman spreading a workshop revolution worldwide!


IT girl: I’m a technical soul, a logician, a leader. I used to work as a test manager for one of the world’s biggest automotive manufacturer, for a Mexican cement plant and for some of the most famous Czech banks.

Soft skills coach: people love my sessions! They are energetic, efficient and full of action. I lead big company workshops and long-term individual coaching.

Conference beast: people have been calling me a ‘Presentation hurricane’ since my first conference in Hungary and I have been busting myths about dry IT presentations ever since throughout 23 stages.


I performed as an actor. I was a tour guide in a Pilsner Urquell brewery. I won many presentation competitions at University. At the same time, I always thought that my place is in the quiet IT world. Finally, I am a bridge between these worlds. I don’t write code, I help those who write it. I coach and train them to impactfully present and communicate with joy. I have also had dozens of workshops with marketing executives, senior management, sales people,… I am remembered (and also a bit feared) in companies like Lear Corporation, ZAT, IG Watteeuw ČR, Fragile Media s.r.o., Clifford Chance in the whole Czech Republic.


Don’t trust presentation skills trainers who don’t present in public. Don’t trust communication trainers who don’t communicate. I live for the stage, I breathe for people. I was the president of the biggest public speaking club in the Czech Republic, Professional Toastmasters Prague and I set the direction for the further growth and self-development of over 40 members. I have given speeches on diverse topics at the biggest world’s largest IT conferences in Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Belarus, and Russia. I have performed at 23 conferences in front of more than 10 000 attendees. And I was twice honoured with the award of the best speaker at events in Romania and Belarus.

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